Powerstep SlimTech

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Product Description

Powerstep Slim-Tech 3/4 Length Orthotic Arch Support Insoles are a unique Orthotic Foot Care Product that offers supreme foot comfort and more.

Powerstep Orthotics helps to relieve pain but more importantly, stabilizes and supports your foot to prevent foot pain related to over-pronation and other disorders.

The sure-fit design of the Powerstep Slim Tech for both Men's & Women's 3/4 Insole enhances comfort from heel, arch, to the ball-of-foot. This is one of the few 3/4 Length Orthotic Arch Supports that is not only a solid shoe insert but offers a fully cushioned insole cover for additional shock absorption and cushioning comfort. ThismPowerStep Insole relieves heel and arch pain with its unique podiatric support system. In independent research with over 150 products, Slim-Tech 3/4 Insole was proven to have advantages in pain relief, fit and comfort categories. Count on 100% comfort in this 3/4 length!

The PowerStep SlimTech offers a semi-rigid arch support -if you prefer a rigid orthotic check out the Powerstep Flexiarch 3/4 Orthotic Support.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Unique podiatric support system reduces inward rolling of the foot to relieve heel, arch, knee and back pain.
  • This prescription-quality arch support has been calibrated with flexibility to maximize foot comfort.
  • Fully cushioned insole cover enhances comfort from heel to the ball of the foot. *Sanitiz etc.® fabric reduces slippage and helps keep feet drier.
  • Heel cradle and platform stabilize and protect the heel during landing.
  • Sure-fit design fits easily into most types of shoes.


More Details About Powerstep Slim Tech Men's & Women's 3/4 Insole:

Material Content:100% Sof Gel (TPE)

Ideal for:

  • athletic shoes
  • casual & dress shoes and boots


Directions: Remove shoe insoles, if possible, and replace with your Powerstep SlimTech 3/4 Length Shoe Inserts. If necessary, wear a few hours a day until your feet are accustomed to better support before wearing full time.

Care: Hand wash, air dry.

Made in USA.

Caution: Not for individuals with severe foot deformities or those suffering from circulatory diseases which result in infections or ulceration on the bottom of the feet.

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