Feiyu Tech SPG Live

259 EUR / In stock.
  • The foldable motor arms are another innovation to make your life even more spacious.
  • The SPG Live enables a vertical screen mode by a simple tilt to either side. Just tilt the SPG Live and stay centered, you will have all the attention in your live stream.
  • The new released FeiyuTech APP allows you to initial automatic gimbal calibration, update firmware and personalize various parameters.
  • SPG Live uses a 360° slip-ring motor to enable limitless pan view, and is further optimized for a wider range of phone sizes. With a tailored driver set, the SPG Live can switch among multiple modes seamlessly.
  • The optimized split-level fixture system enables the SPG Live to collapse and extend on both sides to balance with different smart phone’s gravity centers. With precise gravity center adjustment, the stabilization is remarkably enhanced.