Feiyu Tech MG V2

899 EUR / In stock.
  • The industrial design of minimalism integrates with very strong practical operation functions.
  • 360 degrees brushless motor + slip ring design makes 3 motors on the 3 axes be able to rotate 360°, which bings more possibilities for creative shooting.
  • Creative gimbal stud connector design, more easy to switch between one-hand-hold and two-hand-hold or upright and inversion installing by using some supplied simple accessories. No matter it is used in big or small space, with one MG, much easier to shoot stable videos in 4 working modes.
  • Advanced electric control module: It is with one four-directional joystick for 360 degrees angle to adjust easily. Power on/off and function switching can be realized by one button.
  • Gimbal handle adopts the highly integrated design, the tail part continues to use the mature internal thread design, compatible with all kinds of extension devices with threaded joints.